Collection: Double S12 Breast Pump| S12 LCD display, 2modes & 9levels, Double wireless breast pump, Hands-free electric breast pump,

Experience the epitome of convenience and innovation with our S12 Double Wearable Breast Pumps. Designed for a hands-free pumping experience, our electric breast pump allows you to express milk effortlessly while keeping your hands free. With a user-friendly LCD display, you can easily monitor and adjust settings to ensure optimal comfort and milk expression. Featuring 2 modes and 9 adjustable suction levels, our pump offers a personalized pumping experience tailored to your needs. The portable and wireless design empowers you to pump on-the-go, providing flexibility and freedom. Discover the perfect blend of comfort, portability, and efficiency with our S12 Double Wearable Breast Pumps. Simplify your breastfeeding journey and enjoy the ultimate convenience. Shop now to experience the next level of pumping excellence.